Monday, June 6, 2011


¨Since my world met yours
It has only known wonder
How could I be so lucky
To have caught such a lover¨

When I think of chemicals
or drugs and dopamine
I wonder what it is he does to me
And what we´ve been discovering
A found rush
A deep wave
Ancient quivering and tickles 
From the softest spaces in my soul.
The pure pleasure he invokes,
It´s only his touch
But I could live in it.

Beyond a home
with him I've made worlds.
Flung future selves flying towards
And freedom.
He is my perpetual adventure machine
Energy and insight abound.

Inside I am almost six again
Singing just to vibrate more
Smiling for no reason
Kissing to pause the rush of today
In endless hope of wonder filled tomorrow
I am in love
With a man
With my life

¨I´ve walked wholly into love it seems
With a mystical man
Who can manifest dreams¨