Monday, January 17, 2011

The reviewers eye sifts outward(1)

Georgie Fame And the birthday big band, LIVE- Energetic, ubbeat, and deliciously Jazzy Fame plays not only the songs you WANT to here (the ballad of bonnie and clyde, and the song that leaf me to him, Yeh Yeh!) but also covers standard big band tunes like Gershwins strike up the band. Not only up lifting, this album is pump upping. The sax man wails like no other, the Fame man himself croons on almost every track, but does invite a few notable guests to sing along. totally worth a listen, buy, rent, or even a pirate off the ole waves of the internets. just listen to the thing. fuck.
Robin Williams (the bong)- SO CUTE! it's Blue and make me Giggle, just like the regular fuzzier kind of Robin Williams. It's perfect for crystal rips, as it is tiny and smooth like zee behbeh bum. Best part? I bought it from a flea market, and even haggled the man. He was pretty nice and tried to sell me bigger bongs, but dang man, there was something beautiful and simple and perfect about Mr. Williams (the bong...though the man does indeed have his charms)
and Flic my Bic Lighters- While their cool and are a good easy way to recognize your lighter they're never one of a kind and are really just another device. I like them though, they're pretty cute. However, if you've got my bad habit of fidgeting and picking at plasticky stuff you're likely to peel it right off. Every time i buy a flicmybic i just want to go and paint my own lighters and encase them in a force field of clear tape. I did it a few times and it was so sweet, but i've givin all my paints away. I could maybe use paper and kinda make my own sticker kindof a deal
not bad brain
way to problem solve
bic company 0
artists 1

Saturday, January 8, 2011


I miss my meximan!
going to bed without him beside me is disappointing for three reasons
i don't get to sex him
i don't get to touch him
and i don't get to wake up next to him
i want all of him all the time
but both of us are too calm to be desperate about our greed
well that at legality/distance/time are keeping us apart right now
the mother fucking dumb ass fuck twat of a government deported him
his student VISA was good, and is still good for six years, but his student PERMIT is only valid 3 months at a time
and it fucked shit up
thanks to bureaucratic bullcrap

Saturday, January 1, 2011

this years ten

Every year at this time i write a list of ten things that i either want to happen, or that i think will happen
i have to go home before i can reveiw last years ten
but i think it was the least successful of them all
mostly cause europe was a bust
but i did manage to pull it off alright
this year is so drastically different than the last
its new and shiny at i am at peace not in turmoil with me
last night
a boy, his eyes, his vibes, and his brain, had me way to ensnared
we had an entire conversation with just our eyes
and i had to run away from him
in fear of losing what i have (and am far to excited about) with rodrigo
if he is meant to be a bigger part of my life, he will appear in it again, and then i can freak out and worry about my moral character or where my heart may or may not lay
if not, i have infanate happiness in the arms of rodrigo
but anyway
that ten of 2011

1. Write 20 new songs
2. Start writing short stories again
3. Paint a HUGE beautiful piece for the house
4. Graduate pastry school with flair, not mediocrity
5. Make WAY TOO MUCH money at 420, cookie wise
6. Get over thomas' bullshit
7. Start playing gigs in van
8. find out what i want to do with myself post-school, and do it, right
9. Fall more in love with rodrigo
10. Be happy