Wednesday, May 25, 2011

rainy day as a house wife

I love my life. even on days that would have been utterly depressing and lonely to the old me (even the me of just a year ago)  i find my self as happy as if it were still sunny out. It seems Vancouver just can´t let go of rain.
even YELLOWKNIFE is nicer than here...which is just...wrong
either way i´m going home in a month
when its hot as hell here
and nice as anything there

i just house wifed it up today. sorted and washed some clothes for the move, cleaned the lint trap, played with and cleaned up after the puppy (Her name is Lucy Dimond (like the song) and i lubs herr) ate some cheese and picked up some supplies for life from the store/the corner.
i´m going to miss this calm routine of house work and puttering around during the day
having a job after not working, or even doing anything for this long is going to be so weird
like when i came back from my two months off last year
it was a bit different because i had a new position
this time its going to be a take any job (at least to begin with) and work it for all its worth kinda situation
which doesnt worry me in itself but just the aspect of working at a dead endish type job, even for big bucks
even just for a year
kiiiiinda crushes my soul, just a little. Co-op was so bad for that. but no job is fun all the time. Even working at wallys, no matter how awesome, was still pretty rough sometimes
but with the food industry thats at least expected
that you´ve like a 40-60 fun to grind ratio
i just like that you´re so busy you dont even notice where the day goes

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