Thursday, May 19, 2011

Summertime mostly

I've slacked so much on the internets this year
i think it's because i've been working so hard at real life
i have a wonderful husband, no job yet, but soon i'll be back in yk and i'll be able to change that
i've worked a bit on my creative per suites, but mostly just baking and home making
it'd be soul crushing to most people but i love baking
and being tidy is a new adventure i dont mind embarking in at all
i did the vagina monologues back in February

there's the link to both acts, i'm the cunt in the second half
the password to view both is vagina
My meximan went and he yells cunt so loud ahah
i love how supportive he is
he's so amazing
he's actually down stairs making me breakfast right now
siiigh oh married life

it's funny i think i'm the only girl in the world who has gotten three marriage proposals from the same man, and said yes each time
in the first one i used my jedi mind tricks on him after a meeting with an immigration consultant made it clear the easiest way for us to be together for the long run (and not have to have us running back and forth between mexico and canada) was to marry. It was at AnW. Through a mouthful of bacon and egger. :D so romantic
the second time was at a beautiful park, during a perfect date, with a bowl and a kiss
and the third was at a dinner with both our families so he could ask for my hand, which is apparently the traditional Mexican way of doing things. it was so cute, he wanted to give me a ring pop (because of my deep unwavering love of all things sugary) but his mom had already found a ring in mexico that was in his budget. he did put chocolate in the container that the ring was in though :) cause he loves me
he met and got along with my family and friends too
the wedding happened so fast
and so suddenly
that when i told most people (which was on april fools day, unfortunately) they thought it was a prank
by the time my last name on facebook  changed it was a month later and everyone could see how in love we are.
How genuine this union is.

I went to Whistler too, and it's weird. Kindof has the same vibe as this one (really fake feeling) little town near calgary called Windsor i think. It's pretty, and surrounded by amazing nature but it's a town MADE for tourists. It's like a single serving, step ford dream land. a retreat with all the necessary comforts, for the right price.
it's pretty gross.....until you walk even two minutes out side of town.
then the natural life that's suppressed inside the small cities is alive and over grown and amazing.
the trees were incredible. i haven't got to play in trees like that since i went to Gabriola Island last spring. that place was gorgeous, i'll need to go there before i go home. 

I can't believe how much has changed since i've left.How much i've come into my own. I'm afraid of going back, just because now it's obvious how much it stunted my personal development. It's helped me be wild though, or maybe the city's done that. either way my friends are fantastic, and i miss them like crazy.
i miss making money too.

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