Saturday, July 2, 2011


I´ve been back home for three days and i am already shanking with anger
thomas has spun a web of lies around my good name that i, in my happy married cloud, barely saw coming
by taking the high road and not telling people why i left him hes been able to fill in any blanks with anything that suits the truth he´s trying to project
and i can understand him insulting me, it seems to be his habit at this point, but to say Jaimee should die, i want to go to her party boo hoo, well fuck
what am i suposed to do?
obviously i ignored him, until his trerrible festering self just spouted off enough enfuriating lies to pull me in
he makes me feel so weak
so aweful
like a flu
already the awesome time i´ve had with ben and dan and gere and adem and jaimee and my wonderful manlove have been ignored in this entry
because of that stpuid barger in er  of my happy town
i have half a mind to publish the texts and messages he´s sent me
just so other people know how aweful he is,
and how crule he is to his friends
but again i take the high road
i cant stand him
i know i will vomit when i go to get my things

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