Monday, July 4, 2011


I love my husband
he fills me with peace and happieness like no one i´ve ever met
i didn´t think one person could be responsible for such joy, but he is

yesturday i was upset about the whole situation with my ex, not only did he put it into perspective, he also defuesd the upset in me
as a bonus he was open to me about his feelings of upset towards how worked up thomas gets me

Rodrigo is the best man i´ve ever met. he´s the best person i´ve met, i think
i cant think of anyone who feels as comfortable and cozy with me as he does
i love that
i love that all these feelings are still so amazing and new, but it feels as if he´s been in my life forever
i do not know a time before him
before this happieness
i love that
how one persons love, can completly change your world

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